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Date:March 30, 2014



Kasun is a Qualified Accountant and Certified Business Accountant who gained his sound knowledge of the Audit, Tax, and Advisory field in his tenure at KPMG.  Whilst at KMPG he completed Internal & external audit services within different industries and gained sound knowledge and experience on various ERP systems.  He believes that the strength of the relationship between the accountant and client is key to financial success.

“  It is important that the accountant you choose has an operating style that complements yours.  When selecting a firm, ensure that you meet the team who will be responsible for your business and insist on a meeting once a month.  The role of your advisor is to guide you through the financial landscape, but it is critical that you are also involved in the process.  Use your accountant as a sounding board for ideas.  Utilize their in-depth knowledge and allow your money to work for you.  This is the first step to establishing financial freedom. “