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Date:April 02, 2014



P. Bandula Rajapaksha is a Qualified Accountant whose career started in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a Senior Accounts Consultant.  In his post he garnered wide experience in a comprehensive spectrum of accounting disciplines. Most importantly, he gained a deeper understanding of why SME’s and startup businesses encountered problems.  He saw first hand that whilst the evolving companies were bursting with passion and energy, they often lacked the acumen to make the business financially sustainable.  He has since completed projects across numerous countries and industries but those first insights have always remained with him.

“I believe that if accounting can be communicated in simple terms and at an affordable price then these companies will succeed.  I meet enthusiastic entrepreneurs on a daily basis with innovative ideas that can greatly change the market, but need a deeper understanding of business concepts to fulfill their potential.  Through our professional accounting consultancy, we give them the opportunity to serve the business community effectively and meet their financial goals.”