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Company Profile

  • Acuity Accountancy is a bespoke consultancy based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our experienced team of highly qualified advisors has a unique understanding of the key challenges and opportunities that are developing the face of business today. We have strategic insights into multiple industries and platforms that are integral to success and we want to share them with you.

    Financial clarity and elite Quality Management Systems are fundamental to good business practice. We work with integrity in our partnerships to ensure the right accounting and financial systems are established to continue your business growth whilst maintaining International accounting standards and detailed accountability.

    Many individuals start their business and focus full heartedly on growing and developing it, thinking carefully about hiring the best people, marketing in prime spaces and achieving customer satisfaction. However the financial side of the business is often not given the full attention it deserves.

    Acuity makes your life simple. Our dedicated team is here to work in partnership with you, to guarantee that all the figures add up. We are fully invested in your company, to protect your interests and enable your venture to flourish from a grass roots level, avoiding any hidden surprises.

    Whether you are a start up enterprise looking for book keeping support or a more mature company aiming to advance your systems, we have valuable strategies to integrate into your vision. Our consultancy services are flexible, affordable and dependable, providing you with a loyal touchstone for your journey to financial prosperity.

  • Established in January 2013, Acuity Accounting is a culmination of decades worth of experience. Founding partners, Huda Sanad and Bandula Rajapaksha form the Business Advisory board and continue to steer the business through it’s swift success. Senior Consultant Kasun Pathiraja heads that technical team, giving great insight to clients whilst symbiotically feeding back to the Advisory board.

    The company’s manta is honesty, excellency, an acute sense of success. These words demonstrate the simple values with which Acuity is formed. Founder Bandula Rajapaksha is adamant that if accountancy is communicated in plain terms and at an affordable price then all businesses can succeed. A strong financial grounding must be at the foundation of every enterprise and we strive to make our services accessible at all levels of the business cycle.

    Many companies have benefited from the meticulous and transparent way in which Acuity Accounting conducts their business. Current clients include Al Sharief International Freight Services whom have entrusted Acuity to complete the planning and implementation of quality management systems to achieve ISO 9001:2008 standard. JC’s Tennis Academy is one of the many start-ups prospering from consultation on setup design. Strategic guidance has been paramount to clear implementation of the academy’s financial and management accounting policies and procedures.

    Acuity’s portfolio currently spans multiple industries including, precious materials, education, sport, medical, industrial and leisure. The company looks forward to greater business relationships in the near future, ensuring the financial security and continued success of their clients.